Alleve Pillow

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Flexi Pillow

The Alleve Pillow is a high density pillow that is height adjustable to four different heights. It offers great support and is pressure relieving. See below for more information

  • High quality dense memory Foam Pillow
  • Fits all sizes – as its adjustable
  • Ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Moderate contour, helps with achieving a neutral spine whilst sleeping
  • High level of pressure relief
  • Covered in a Tencel rich fabric
  • Recommended by Health Professionals – Australia wide
  • Size 55×36.5×11.5/9 CM(Contours) +2cm Adj Piece
  • 5 Year Warranty

The Alleve Pillow is a firmish pillow made from premium dense memory foam of 60kg/m. It is ultra-pressure relieving and conforms to the contours of one’s neck, head and shoulders.

The Alleve Pillow has a very slow recovery rate which is a characteristic of High Grade Memory Foam. The pillow has a double lobe design with 2 contours, one at 13.5 cm and the other at 11.5cm; however the contour is moderate and less gentle than other Flexi Pillows, and is ideal for people with longer necks.

The Alleve is adjustable to four heights by simply removing the base, this helps take the guesswork out of choosing a pillow. The Alleve Pillow is covered in a plush Tencel-Rich fabric creating a most comfortable sleeping surface. Tencel is eco- friendly, moisture absorbant, and anti-bacterial.

The Alleve Pillow is designed for people who sleep on their backs or sides. 

Trusted By Back-Care Professionals

Flexi Pillow has been supplying sleep solutions to back-care professionals since 2011. Now Flexi Pillow is sold or recommended by over 1,000 back-care professionals nationwide.

Healthcare recommended


Each Flexi Pillow is made in compliance of stringent international standards which means that you sleep on a pillow that has been tested to meet these high international standards.

When you buy any Flexi Pillow you can be confident that the foam inside meets the highest of standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

You can sleep on any Flexi Pillow with the comfort of knowing that the foam has been manufactured with both your health and the environment in mind.

Removable/Washable Tencel or Bamboo Cover

Each Flexi Pillow sleep product contains either a Healthy and environmentally friendly Tencel or Bamboo fabric.

Tencel® & Bamboo fabric has a beautiful sheen and is smooth and silky to the touch with good breathability and moisture absorption.

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