Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable

Designed For Your Comfort

Healthcare Recommended

Healthcare Recommended

Improves your sleep posture, providing you with a supportive, comfortable night’s sleep

Harmony & Alleve Contour Pillow

The Relief Pillow range introduces memory foam pillows covered in a luxurious Bamboo-Rich.

The advantages of Bamboo are anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent, good insulation, hypo-allergenic, very soft and eco-friendly.

Contour Pillows

Contour Shaped Pillows are designed to accommodate the shape of the head and neck, taking into account the width of the shoulders.

They usually have a double lobed design with a higher contour on one side with a lower contour on the other. This delivers better support for the neck as well as comfortable neutral positioning for the spine. They may be used by side or back sleepers.

All our Contour Pillows are adjustable to 4 heights.

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