Cool Gel Elite Classic Pillow

Classically shaped, with a medium to firm feel. Made from Premium Dense Memory Foam with a Silicone Gel inlay that helps provide a cooler sleeping environment. See product description below for more information.

  • Medium to Firm Pillow
  • High Density – High Quality Memory Foam
  • Cool Gel Inlay
  • Helps provide a cooler sleep surface
  • For Back/Side sleepers and tummy
  • Great for hot sleepers and hot flush sufferers
  • One side Gel other side Memory Foam
  • Covered in high quality Bamboo fabric
  • Size 60x40x14cm
  • 5 Year Warranty


The Gel Classic Pillow is a traditionally shaped, medium/firm pillow of high density 60kg/m3 Moulded Memory Foam. It has a non-toxic silicone gel pad laid into the memory foam on one side to add a further level of pressure relief to the already highly conforming pillow. The Gel has an additional quality in that it helps draw away heat from the head and provides a cooler sleep surface whilst one falls asleep. The cooler sleep surface is designed for those who may find other pillows too warm, hot sleepers or those who suffer from hot flushes and other medical conditions that are exacerbated by heat. The Gel Classic Pillow may be turned over and used as a most comfortable and supportive memory foam pillow when the Cool Gel side is not required. The pillow is ideal for all sleeping styles, however we recommend side or back sleeping for the best in sleep posture. The pillow is covered in a Bamboo-Rich fabric. The advantages of Bamboo are anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent, good insulation, hypo-allergenic. very soft and eco-friendly.


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