why In designing our pillows we are always mindful of ensuring that our designs comply with what is considered ‘Healthy Sleep Posture’. Generally speaking there are only two positions that are considered by Sleep Professionals as being healthy for ones back and neck and these are Side Sleeping which is preferred and Back Sleeping.
Healthy Sleep Positions


Side Sleeping

There are many variations to sleeping on one’s side, but sleeping in the Foetal Position is optimum as comfort is enhanced when bending ones knees towards ones chest. This position is encouraged as it may be helpful to those who suffer from lower back pain and pregnant women.

All our Contour Shaped pillows have been designed to accommodate side sleepers with gentle or moderate raised sections called contours. The contours fit snugly between one’s head and shoulders providing excellent support for one’s neck whilst ensuring that one maintains healthy sleep posture.

Back Sleeping

Back Sleeping can also aggravate a bad back, but if you place a small cushion under your knees this will keep you in a good healthy posture and keep your spine in neutral alignment. Sleeping on ones back may induce or increase snoring.

Tummy Sleeping

Under most circumstances it is not recommended to sleep on ones tummy. This places strain on the lower back and also places the neck in an unnatural position and may result in neck and lower back injury.